Jan 06



Dear Jimi Hendrix,
Have you ever listened to the Lou Reed album “Magic & Loss”? It’s so good!

Dear Sam,
I have not heard it. Can you send it to me?

Dear Jimi,
I don’t know how to get it to you. Can you give me your contact information? Please include reimbursement for the cost of the CD and if possible also an honorarium fee to cover the time I will have spent preparing the package and having it delivered to you.
Best Wishes,
ps I really love the opening minute of “Power of Soul” from your album Band of Gypsies.

Dear Sam,



Dear Jimi,
I received a letter recently that was just two lines, one line signifying the body of a message, and the other line seemingly signifying a name signed at the bottom. Did you send this to me? Because otherwise I haven’t heard anything back from you in re our recent correspondence. Please let me know if you still want me to send you a copy of “Magic and Loss” by Lou Reed, and let me know about the reimbursement and honorarium fee etc.


Listening Diary

Lou Reed, Magic and Loss
Miles Davis, Someday My Prince Will Come
Terry Adams and Marshall Allen, Ten by Two
NRBQ, Tiddly Winks
NRBQ, Wild Weekend

Dec 15


Top Ten Albums 2013

(Quick note - I haven’t heard all of them yet, but I am very excited to!)

4. Carl Hancock Rux Homeostasis
5. Yo La Tengo Fade
8. Matt Mitchell Fiction
6. Ralph Alessi Baida
9. Kneebody The Line
1. Evelyn Waugh Put Out More Flags Audiobook
7. Lou Reed’s Yeezus review, on The Talkhouse
2 & 3. Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer, The Murphy Beds and Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer, Child Ballads
10. Bill Frisell, Silent Comedy


Top Ten Albums of 2013, Pt 2:

Jaki Byard, Here’s Jaki and Blues for Smoke
Sandy Bull, Inventions
Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn, Self-titled
Miles Davis, Someday My Prince Will Come
Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun
Gabor Szabo, Bachannal
Paul Motian Quintet, Misterioso

2013 Albums that are excluded because I played or sang on them: Blind Boys of Alabama, I’ll Find A Way. Aoife O’Donovan, Fossils. Sam Amidon, Bright Sunny South. Eamon O’Leary, Old Clump. Linda Thompson, Won’t Be Long Now

Nov 03

From the Notebooks of King Speechy


Oh yes, I am definitely going to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning! Pumpkin pie and water… Pumpkin pie and a few sips of the water!

The water is tasting delicious when it is taken as a respite from the (pumpkin) pie - water must always be taken in this manner.


I saw seven or eight david duchampnys in the garden this morning… just buzzing around. It’s an auspicious sign for sure…


The david duchampny is very smart but life span of just 5 hours unfortunately.

The David Duchampny has an intense life span of 4-6 hours. Of that short time, 20% is devoted to procreating the next 10 Duchampnys.

The short lifespan of the David Duchampny (5-7 hours) means that vigor is a crucial component of the species. No room for vague flutterings.

Today the murmeration of David Duchampnys outside my window seemed lethargic. I said “what ails you my lovelies?” But they fluttered off…


WOS Wounded Animal Solutions offers $1M to solve riddle of disappearing david duchampnys. “They keep fluttering away, ever slowly.” -WOS Spokescat

British Grime Rapper Eet Nibble composes new rap song, “ZZ Champny,” to raise awareness about urgent disappearing Duchampny phenomenon.

Lyricsto ZZ Champny: Sad little Z / u fluttering / flutter where / it’s crickets over there / hold me / under that peony / wichita arms race

The meaning of Eet Nibble’s lyrics and their connection to the Duchampny cause is obscure to all but the most subtle Grime hermeneutician… although his imagery is broadly acknowledged to be less obtuse than in previous Nibble songs

Sep 29

News of the World - shutdown edition

“What I want is what I’ve not got / But what I need is all around me” -Matthews

And then Jimi’s all “These are my credentials on this wall” and I’m all “bro, I know you are great at what you do, you don’t need to show me.”

With these words King Speechy advanced to receive the 3 village lasses.
“Look at the fellow in the tall silk.” That’s how one day I got home.

808s & heartbreak- man if jimi was here he woulda loved this record….

Dear man w blue shoes walking by me just now: when i said to you “nice shoes, dude,” what i meant was, “your soul is singing to me today!”

Did you guys know that the album “Nick of Time” by Bonnie Raitt was initially titled “Open Letter to Thelonious Monk”

“Ok I’m going to sit down and write some rap lyrics now.” -50 Cent

British Grime Rapper Eet Nibble announces cover art, tracklisting for his new album, “The Scent of Green Popeye.”

Apr 22

out on may 13 (uk/europe) / may 14 (US)

out on may 13 (uk/europe) / may 14 (US)

Apr 02

all of these albums are visions

thelonious monk, alone in san francisco
sonny rollins, sonny rollins and the contemporary leaders
don cherry, brown rice
chet baker, it could happen to you
nina simone, the blues
miles davis, seven steps to heaven
john coltrane, coltrane jazz
arthur doyle, the songwriter
perry robinson, funk dumpling
jimmy giuffre, 1961
roy haynes, out of the afternoon
paul desmond, “first place again” playboy

Mar 29

interview excerpt

Q. What can you tell us about your new film “Plywood superstar”?

A. It’s a little bit secret… But I do know that Plywood Superstar is going to be a very strong film.  It’s not going to be completed for another 5 years or so. It’s a 3 minute long film and I have shot the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds. But the final shot is going to be of Jimi Hendrix wandering around in a river in northern Canada trying to catch fish with his hands, and that shot requires a lot of expensive computer graphics that I don’t have the money for yet.

Feb 21


Nov 10